Environmental Ingenuity

Richard Kinvig

Richard Kinvig is the Director and Ecologist at K&A with fields of Specialisation in Botany, Ecology, Environmental Science, Zoology and Entomology.

Richard has been involved in over 200 projects within the environmental field and was a Divisional Manager and shareholder of a National Consulting Company. During this period he acquired a significant number of skills, relating to both the environmental field as well as to the management and facilitation of delivering high quality projects on time and within budget. During his tenure he developed skills in project management, as the manager of a small and dynamic team of environmental scientists and consultants. Richard has worked successfully for a number of large parastatal organisations, corporates and private developers. Richard is registered as a Professional Natural Scientist and is associated with IAIAsa.

Jonathan Bailey

Jonathan Bailey is an Environmental consultant at K&A with experience in the fields of ecology, and environmental management. His qualifications include a BSc Honours degree in Ecological and Biological Sciences. Jonathan has worked over the past 9 years as an environmental consultant and has obtained various skills in scientific research and development. In addition, Jonathan spent a significant amount of time in the role of Environmental Control Officer (ECO), Environment Manager (EM) and Environmental Officer (EO) where he was involved in or conducted environmental assessments, environmental auditing and environmental management. Additionally, Jonathan is accredited with the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) for the implementation and interpretation of the South African Scoring System (SASS) version 5 for bio-assessment of aquatic ecosystems. He is competent in the application of current best practise guidelines and assessment tools associated with aquatic biodiversity assessments. Jonathan is registered as a Professional Natural Scientist and is associated with IAIAsa.

Luke Bodmann

Luke Bodmann has an Honours degree in Social Science with the specific focus being wetland ecology. Luke is currently completing his Master’s degree, which is assessing high altitude wetlands in the southern Afromontane archipelago. Luke is proficient in the use of GIS Packages, particularly the ESRI suite of products. Luke has been involved in many mapping activities and tasks. Luke’s specialised training is further complemented by experience gained as a Wetland Specialist conducting a number of wetland and riparian assessments. These assessments includes wetland and riparian delineation, Present Ecological State (PES) and Ecological Importance and Sensitivity (EIS) assessments.

Lauren Bredenkamp

Lauren Bredenkamp fulfils the administrative side of the business and is proficient in Pastel.

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